There’s a ‘Community’ video game based on the show’s iconic paintball episodes


Nothing has hit quite the same since you were exposed to Community’s Troy and Abed in the morning. Every day is a blur between binges of Britta. Now, relive it all in a video game format.

Does this sound like you? Then you might be suffering from Community withdrawal-induced depression. Luckily, we’ve found a cure in Six Seasons and a Game: the multiplayer shooter experience based on the iconic paintball episodes from Dan Harmon’s masterpiece cult-classic.

Patched together by a crew of friends and amateur designers, 6AndAGame is “a completely free, volunteer made, multiplayer, satirical parody of common thematic elements found in American broadcast television serieses (yes that’s actually a word)”.

Community Game Brita

As it’s been pulled together by volunteers with “limited experience in game development”, lower your expectations enough to be pleasantly surprised by the gameplay. It’s not a AAA experience, but it works better then it has any right to. If there’s a better analogy for Greendale then that, I’m yet to find it.

The game pitches itself with ‘Eat your heart out Splatoon’ and looks like a first-person Fortnite. It’s cutesy, packed with easter eggs and show references, plus it lets you partake in an 8v8 of the Community crew against their evil doppelgängers. If that isn’t tickling your fancy, then you’re the worst.

In an adorable final note, the game notes state “The purpose of this project is for aspiring game developers to come together as a community to gain experience and to meet different people.”

It’s wholesome, heartfelt, and lets you live out your Community dreams. Cool. Cool cool cool.

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