Why Some Community Fans Gave Up On Season 4


Dan Harmon has accrued a massive fanbase. Even before he became a co-creator of “Rick and Morty,” he had a popular podcast called “Harmontown” since 2012. He has a singular sense of humor that his fans truly connect to, so when he departed “Community” for Season 4, it’s only natural the fanbase would lash out a bit. 

All you have to do is browse through some Reddit threads to find countless examples of people voicing their disdain of the gas leak year. For instance, u/BobMugabe35 summed up a lot of fans’ opinions by writing, “It was a lot of Community episodes that seemed like they were written by people who had never watched the show, but only heard secondhand accounts of it being ‘that wacky meta show.'” 

Others believe the hatred comes from people’s loyalties to Dan Harmon, as u/kingzilch wrote, “Community is very much a product of its creator, and without Dan Harmon, there’s an undefinable element that’s missing. Guarascio and Port made a sincere and admirable effort, but the lack of Harmon, coupled with a fanbase predisposed toward hostility, meant that no matter what they did it was going to be a disappointment.” Fortunately, things turned around after that season. Harmon was brought back as showrunner for Seasons 5 and 6. And if the forces that be ever decide to move forward with a “Community” movie, you better believe Harmon will be involved, or fans will be furious.

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