Soden: Avoiding Financial Ruin Due to Dementia


January is Financial Wellness Month and what better way to start 2022 than with a great plan that can set you up for the new year and beyond. The Alzheimer’s Association Orange County Chapter has been supporting families facing dementia across Orange County for over 35 years and this month is providing important financial wellness tips for seniors to help overcome the stress and fear this topic can evoke.

Where to begin

Start with a financial and legal document worksheet to assist you in organizing needed documents and inventory of all assets and debts you are responsible for. Identify family members that should be included in the process and can help you complete routine financial responsibilities like paying bills, arranging benefit claims, and managing bank accounts. It’s important to understand the costs of care you may incur now and in the future. Certain government and veteran benefits, as well as long term care insurance policies, may provide assistance with future care costs, prescriptions, transportation and meals.

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